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  • Sport & activities

    Sport and recreation have become an important part of everyday life and one of the best ways to spend free time. In an almost unbelievable set of lucky natural circumstances that enable us to do sports, true sporting adventures can be had on the land, sea and air or underground, on the coast and the undulating inland area, on two or four wheels, by foot or on a horse … and thanks to the temperate climate for the whole year round!
  • Entertainment in Istria

    Spectacular concerts in Stella Maris arena in Umag, top performances by the best jazzers in Novigrad, night life in Poreč, the unmissable traditional fiestas in Brtonigla and Buje are part of a very versatile and always well-attended panoply of events in north-western Istria! This year as well you can enjoy in numerous musical, cultural, sports and gastronomic manifestations or try your luck in one of elite casinos. Let the fun begin!
  • Natural attractions

    On foot, by bicycle or from a lookout – pick your own way to see fascinating natural attractions. Two rivers, valleys and hills, and hidden treasures such as Škarlina Park and Mramornica Cave are just a few of many natural beauties. Natural beauties of Istria are merely a starting point for exploring. Getting a better insite into Istria continous through rich cultural offer and numerous locations that witness raptorous and rich history of past times.
  • Olive oil

    As a symbol of the the Mediterranean, olive oil has always been much more than an ordinary food ingredient. Olive oil production in Istria has a long manufacturing tradition which is is runned by autonomous olive makers. In fact, at the international exibitions, Istrian olive oils are often awarded as being one of the best oils in the entire world. Therefore, if you're on holiday in Istria, take a tour of the Olive Oil roads and learn all the details concerning Istrian oil makers, olive growers, cellars and small taverns.
  • Wine tasting

    In and around Porec, you’ve got ample possibilities for wine tasting. Istrian wine is nowadays another unique symbol that truly defines the Istrian identity. There are various types of wines that reflect the diversity of climate and soil on which they are grown. Nevertheless, the most famous sort of Croatian wine is the Istrian Malvasia. Apart from Malvasia, in the area Northern Istria you can enjoy the great tastes of Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, a wine tour is also an adventure through the landscapes and pricturesque hills of Istria that you shouldn’t miss out o...
  • The Euphrasian Basilica

    The most valuable cultural property in Poreč, the Euphrasian Basilica, was registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997. The early-Christian compound is the only complete landmark in the world preserved from that period. Built during the time of Bishop Euphrasius in the 6th century it includes atrium, baptistery, bishop's palace, mosaics and remains of sacral buildings dating from the 3rd to the 4th centuries. The mosaics which decorate the inside and facade of the church are considered a valuable bequest of Byzantine art, and thanks to the floor mosaics and preserved writings...
  • Poreč Old Town

    Porec is a 2000 ­year­-old town located in the heart of the western coast of Istria. Recognised for its original architecture and historical monuments, the stone­paved streets of Porec Old Town are lined with shops, cafes, and other tourist attractions, making a pleasant stage from which to explore the area’s history. Porec has a long and tumultuous past, and its resulting heritage can be explored within various museums and galleries hosted in the houses and palaces that have stood in the town for many centuries. One of the most notable buildings of Porec Old Town is the UNESCO World Heritage...
  • Istra countryside

    If you wish to feel the atmosphere of good old country households, wholesome dishes of the traditional cuisine, romantic hearths and scented wine cellars, discover the charms of country tourism, small family-run rural hotels and homesteads. Through the enjoyment in the noble drops and home-made food while sitting on wooden benches under a rosebush or next to the hearth, you will taste all the gentleness of Istria and the beauty of it inhabitants’ lives. When the birdsong wakes you in a warm cosy bed of a traditional Istrian country house, you will feel that everything has an air of tranquility...
  • Truffles

    This unusual, malodorous subterranean fungus of an unattractive form is – the truffle. The rare and expensive tuber that grows in the fertile Istrian soil is the ultimate gastronomic delight. The Istrian white truffle is one of the most highly prized in the world today. The truffle was discovered by ancient Romans, well known gourmets, eighteen centuries ago. During the five centuries of Venetian rule, Motovun-Montona Forest was called St. Mark’s forest and only certain individuals were allowed to gather truffles. During the Austro-Hungarian rule there was only one final destination for the tr...
  • Gastronomy

    The preparation of food has always been characterized by exceptional imagination, since- with few ingredients a great amount of love, effort and above all culinary imagination must be put in to make the dish even more appealing. What is Istrian cuisine? Is it composed of dishes that were eaten by Istrian field labourers in the distant past? Or those once served in patrician houses? Or is it the food that is today served on Istrian tables? The wealth of this cuisine is not at all negligable. Istria’s turbulent past has certainly left a trace on its cuisine. Various traditions are interwoven in...